Zodiac Awen Pendant, Crystal

Zodiac Awen Pendant, Crystal

Awen is considered a symbol of inspiration and divine illumination for poets, writers, artists and creative. For pronunciation, it can either be said as “ah-when”, “ou-when”, or “ah-oo-en”.

Awen is a Welsh, Cornish and Breton word for "(poetic) inspiration". Emma Restall Orr, founder and former head of The Druid Network, defines Awen as 'flowing spirit' and says that 'Spirit energy in flow is the essence of life'. 

By far the most popular meaning of the Awen is three rays of light. The number three is a very sacred number not just in Druidry but also in Celtic culture. The meaning of each ray of light has different meanings in culture.

Some believe that they represent three divisions of the soul( mind, body and spirit). Others believe it represents the three realms we inhabit(land, sea and sky) Also underworld, middle world and upper world, Love, Wisdom and Truth, Nature, knowledge and truth.

This pendant features beautiful Cubic Zirconia crystals, black enamel rays, and the 12 zodiac symbols on the circular frame of the pendant. 

- .925 Sterling Silver with Enamel

- Pendant Size 24 mm. Diameter

- 2 mm. Thickness

- Gemstone size 3 mm.

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