Chrysoprase & Lava Greenman Bracelet

Chrysoprase & Lava Greenman Bracelet

A unique bracelet featuring genuine minerals and silver-tone charms.

Chrysoprase (chrysophrase, chrysoprasus) is a variety of chalcedony. This apple-green to deep green stone owes its color to trace amounts of nickel and commonly has visible brownish veins and nodules. As a healing stone it is said to promote love of truth. It draws out talents and personal insights and gives a sense of being part of the divine whole. Green Chrysoprase will help keep your heart open, assist with prosperity, good fortune, renewal, beauty, grace, calming, harmony, and will bring you positivity for whats to come.

Lava or Basalt as it is often called is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption where fire from deep in the earth was thrust up through rock and earth to be hurled through the air and gently weathered by the rain over millennia. Because of the nature of this stone’s birth it is uniquely connected to all the elements and be of a great aid in creating balance and grounding. It's also porous! You can place a few drops of your perfume or oil on the lava beads and they'll retain the scent for hours.

The Green Man is a legendary being primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of new growth that occurs every spring. The Green Man is most commonly depicted in a sculpture, or other representation of a face which is made of, or completely surrounded by, leaves. The Green Man is sometimes spelled as one word, Greenman.

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