Diantha Fairy Statue

Diantha Fairy Statue

Fairies are the epitome of nature, but very few can make everything they touch blossom with delicate flowers. The magnificent fairy featured in the Diantha of the Forest Fairy Statue is among the few who bring spring to the world. Crafted from cold cast resin, this incredible water fairy statue is painted by hand in such a way that only a master could have accomplished it. The fairy Diantha reaches out to the stag beside her to feed him, flowers blossoming on his antlers as her name implies. They stand gracefully over a stream, both adorned in tribal patterns, tribal jewelry, and the flowers this maiden produces. The clothes she wears resemble the gentle stream beneath their feet, matching the blooms on her friends antlers and her own wings wonderfully. Embrace the life-giving power the Diantha of the Forest Fairy Statue portrays by adding it to your fantasy décor.

Height: 10 Inches.  Width: 7.5 Inches.  Length: 4 Inches 

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