Phantom Amethyst Crystal Point A

Phantom Amethyst Crystal Point A

This amazing specimen is beautiful to look at and wonderful to hold in the hand. Phantom Crystals have various layers within the crystal, creating scenes and unique patterns within the mineral. They are mesmerizing, and really capture the imagination of all who gaze into them.

This specimen is polished on 6 sides, and has beautiful purple coloring with transluscent areas and some more opaque areas.

It measures approximately 3.2" long and 1.5" at the widest point. A truly gorgeous specimen!

More Info on Phantom Amethyst Crystals

Phantom Amethyst is a tool for any Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, and Rituals. With its Violet Ray Crown Chakra energy, Phantom Amethyst will help take you to the highest realms and receive powerful divination and wise ancient spirit energy. This high vibration Crystal is an excellent tool for any altar, sacred space, or room.

Amethyst Phantom Quartz is a powerful crystal that will promote spiritual growth, especially if you have hit the wall and need that little extra push to move you forward. Smokey Phantom Amethyst meaning inspires you to release things in your past that hold you back and encourage you to move forward and experience personal growth. Amethyst phantoms trigger the release of blockages and old emotional wounds that we may not even be aware of.

Amethyst Phantom Quartz is such a special and unique healing crystal. Phantoms inside a crystal are like a storyline of the crystal's life, showing its evolution and transformations in its lifetime. The Smokey phantoms are mineral deposits that appear in places where the growth of the amethyst crystal was interrupted. Next, the dark mineral deposits begin to grow crystals; that is why they call it phantom. The Smokey's development inside the Amethyst makes this such a special, unique, and powerful crystal.

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