Dragon - Jody Bergsma

Dragon - Jody Bergsma
Prince Langilor, is a shy and gentle boy, adored by his parents and the peaceful people of Lugin. Saras, a young dragon, is an arrogant bully, who terrorizes the dragon clan and threatens the Kingdom of Lugin. During his twelfth year, Langilor stands before his parents and the Royal Advisors, who will judge his worthiness to become the future king. With ever-increasing threats from enemies to the north as well as the dangerous fire-breathing dragon, how could this gentle young Prince ever be strong enough to protect the kingdom? During a dramatic encounter between the Prince and the dragon, the future of Lugin hangs in the balance. Jody Bergsma's powerful illustrations feature authentic Celtic imagery, dragons, elves, and animals that talk. This enchanting story helps us to see that there can be many ways to conquer an enemy.

Publisher: Illumination Arts Publishing

ISBN-10: 0935699171
ISBN-13: 9780935699173

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