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Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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Practical Magic Gift Set

Find all the tools you need to enchant the everyday and harness the power of magic--through crystals..

$9.57 US

Practical Prosperity Magick - Ellen Dugan

Break down blocks that have kept you from achieving your goals and let Ellen Dugan show you how to c..

$18.47 US

Practical Protection Magick - E Dugan

Embrace your innate warrior skills—knowledge, balance, and wisdom—and amp up your personal power. ..

$18.47 US

Practical Spellcraft: A First Course in Magic - Leanna Greenaway

Now anyone with an earnest desire can learn to cast spells with this intriguing introduction to the ..

$18.44 US

Practical Witchs Spell Book - Cerridwen Greenleaf

The Practical Witch's Spell Book is an enchanting handbook for anyone with a penchant for the magica..

$16.63 US

Protection Spells - Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your stuff, your spirit and your space wit..

$17.70 US

Real Witches Book of Spells and Rituals - K West

Whether you're seeking the right coven, a better job, or a loving partner, this all-occasion spellbo..

$18.85 US

Real Witches Craft - West

The Modern Witch's Advanced Guide to Powerful Magic-MakingFollowing on from The Real Witches' Handbo..

$23.64 US

Rituals & Sabbats (hc) - Lady Passion

An authoritative guide to the most important days of the witch year.A witches' ritual creates a spir..

$12.53 US

Sacred Housekeeping - Harriet Rosetto

An honest autobiography of a courageous woman and social worker, who took an interest in the unpopul..

$18.85 US

Sacred Objects, Sacred Space (tp) - Dayna Winters

This is an essential guide for all Witches wanting to go beyond the basic understanding of Magickal ..

$17.00 US

Second Book of Crystal Spells (tp) - Ember Grant

Discover new, creative ways to work with stones in magic in Ember Grant's follow up to The Book of C..

$17.70 US

Silver's Spells - Silver RavenWolf


$17.73 US

Silver's Spells for Love - S RavenWolf

Does your current relationship need a spicy boost? Have you been browsing for love in all the wrong ..

$10.72 US

Solitary Witch - S. Ravenwolf

The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New GenerationThis book has everything a teen Witch could want ..

$25.86 US

Spell Crafts - S Cunningham

Take a look at your hands. See them as wondrous vehicles of power. Feel the energy that flows throug..

$16.25 US

Spellcrafting (hc) - Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Craft your own magic with this comprehensive guide to creating, customizing, and casting unique spel..

$16.99 US

Spells Bible

The Spells Bible is the definitive guide to practical spellcraft, offering 150 spells that will en..

$22.13 US

Supermarket Magic - Michael Furie

The tools of magic don't have to be expensive or difficult to findthey're right in your supermarket ..

$13.67 US

Tarot For The Green Witch - Moura

Written by the popular author of the Green Witchcraft series, the techniques presented in this book ..

$17.70 US

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