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Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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Ostara - Llewellyn & Kerri Connor

A well-rounded introduction to Ostara, complete with correspondences, rituals, recipes, and lore. In..

$13.73 US

Pagan Mysteries Of Halloween - Markale -15%

Pagan Mysteries Of Halloween - Markale

Every year on October 31, when the children of the world parade through the streets dressed as mons..

$17.78 US $15.12 US

Pagan Path - Stewart Farrar

It has often been stated that Paganism is the fastest growing religion in the world; this book helps..

$18.03 US

Pagan Portals Fairy Witchcraft (tp) - Morgan Daimler -10%

Pagan Portals - Fairy Witchcraft - Morgan Daimler

Many neopagans today are drawn to honor the fairies but find that the modern-day path to Fairy is hi..

$11.30 US $10.17 US

Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics - Rebecca Beattie

Pagan Portals – Nature Mystics traces the lives and work of ten writers who contributed to the cul..

$11.30 US

Pagan Prayer Beads

Magic and Meditation with Pagan Rosaries - by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaugn.  Religions from a..

$19.40 US

Paganism In Depth - John Beckett -10%

Paganism In Depth - John Beckett

Paganism In Depth is a next level book for Pagans interested in taking their practice deeper. Author..

$21.87 US $19.68 US

Planetary Spells & Rituals - R Digitalis

An extension of every Witch's spirituality, spellcraft is a vital tool for sparking significant life..

$24.30 US

Power of the Witch - Laurie Cabot

The earth, the moon, and the magical path to enlightenment. Written by a practicing witch who conduc..

$16.16 US

Practical Prosperity Magick - Ellen Dugan

Break down blocks that have kept you from achieving your goals and let Ellen Dugan show you how to c..

$20.25 US

Practical Solitary Magic (tp) NR - Nancy Watson

PRACTICAL SOLITARY MAGIC is for the individual of any spiritual persuasion who wishes to learn how t..

$23.46 US

Practical Witchs Spell Book - Cerridwen Greenleaf

The Practical Witch's Spell Book is an enchanting handbook for anyone with a penchant for the magica..

$18.23 US

Prosperity Magick: Spells for Wealth - Cassandra Eason

Attract prosperity and wealth into your life, with this guide from world-renowned author Cassandra E..

$18.59 US

The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals - K West -10%

Real Witches Book of Spells and Rituals - K West

Whether you're seeking the right coven, a better job, or a loving partner, this all-occasion spellbo..

$20.66 US $18.59 US

Real Witches Craft - West -10%

Real Witches Craft - West

The Modern Witch's Advanced Guide to Powerful Magic-MakingFollowing on from The Real Witches' Handbo..

$25.92 US $23.33 US

Rebirth of Witchcraft - D Valiente

One of witchcraft's most widely known figures, Doreen Valiente was a close friend of the late Gerald..

$19.40 US

Roots, Branches & Spirits - Alex - Ballard Bledsoe

The southern Appalachians are rich in folk magic and witchery. This book explores the region's custo..

$19.44 US

Sacred Earth Sacred Soul - John Philip Newell

A leading spiritual teacher reveals how Celtic spirituality—listening to the sacred around us an..

$27.14 US

Sacred Housekeeping - Harriet Rosetto

An honest autobiography of a courageous woman and social worker, who took an interest in the unpopul..

$20.66 US

Sacred Objects, Sacred Space (tp) - Dayna Winters

This is an essential guide for all Witches wanting to go beyond the basic understanding of Magickal ..

$22.68 US

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