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Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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Craft of the Wild Witch - P Palin

Wild Witchcraft is a magical, free-spirited philosophy that embraces nature. A Wild Witch finds magi..

$25.86 US

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen - S Cunningham

There's a reason caviar has a reputation as a love food, but a little vanilla or peppermint can work..

$16.96 US

Daily Spell Journal

Create your own spell book with this full year of enchantments one for every day with space to add d..

$14.74 US

Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch (tp) - Patti Wigington

Practical magic for every day and every season!Everybody has something they'd like to change, be it ..

$12.53 US

Dragon Magick - Conway

Discover how to work magic with the mighty dragon clans in this powerful book from bestselling autho..

$17.73 US

Drawing Down the Moon - M Adler

Now fully revised-the classic study of Neo-Paganism Almost thirty years since its original public..

$22.17 US

Earth Divination, Earth Magic (tp) NR - John Michael Greer

Here is a complete guide to the lost art of geomancy - one of the major divination systems that are ..

$21.40 US

Earth Magic - Book - Steven Farmer

In Earth Magic, Steven Farmer offers a unique synthesis of ancient spiritual practices and philosoph..

$16.99 US

Earth Medicine - J Sams

The true spirit of Native American ways of knowing shines through in these heartfelt meditations, po..

$14.77 US

Earth Path NR - Starhawk

America's most renowned witch and eco?feminist offers a sequel to her bestselling classic The Spiral..

$16.25 US

Earth Power - S Cunningham

When you draw a heart in the sand, call on the four winds for assistance, or ask the rain to wash aw..

$15.51 US

Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients - L Rosean

Bringing the art and magick of casting spells to the masses, Lexa Rosean is the new face of Wicca. I..

$16.99 US

Everyday Witch A to Z - D Blake

Break out your broomstick, and add a spark of magick to every day! Do stuffy academic tomes on Witch..

$15.48 US

Everyday Witch Book of Rituals - D Blake

Magickal Rituals for Everyday Use and Beyond!Amplify your wishes and manifest positive changes all y..

$16.96 US

From the Cauldron Born - K Hughes

This exploration of the Welsh-Celtic myth of the prophet/poet Taliesin and the witch/goddess Cerridw..

$16.96 US

Goddess Guide - Priestess Brandi Auset

Introducing the most complete cross-reference ever for the universal worship of the Divine Feminine...

$20.69 US

Goddess In The Details - D. Blake

Being a Witch isn’t limited to casting a spell under the full moon or consecrating a ritual circle...

$18.47 US

Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

This is not your average mystical tome, but a special spellbook by two practicing witches.Here is th..

$12.53 US

Green Wiccan Herbal - Silja

Discover a treasure trove of herbal witchery including 52 herbs and their magical properties for spe..

$20.66 US

Green Witchcraft II - A Moura

Green Witchcraft II.Green Witches are deeply connected to the Earth and the cosmic balance of light ..

$20.69 US

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