Practical Happiness - Kim Davies

Practical Happiness - Kim Davies
Simple techniques for bringing positivity, joy and balance into everyday life

Everyone wants to be happy – but what do we mean by happiness? No life is blessed throughout with good fortune. All of us face setbacks and sorrows. It follows that we cannot depend solely on external factors, on things going well, we have to look within.

This inspiring and insightful book is a guide, one that includes lots of routes and byways. It draws on views and ideas from all kinds of places – spiritual thinkers, modern science and research – and it presents the information in a practical, helpful way.

As with any guidebook, you can either go straight to the chapters that seem relevant to your path, or you can open at random just to see what you might find. Five key chapters explore how you can create your own happiness habit; find meaning in life; develop a happiness toolkit; explore qualities of happiness; and keep connected.

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