Laughing Gargoyle Statue

Laughing Gargoyle Statue

A mirthful, open-mouthed grin is displayed on the face of the Laughing Gargoyle Statue, and the eyes of the creature look upward as if sharing a joke. Made from cold cast resin, this statue is hand painted to resemble stone. The gargoyle sits crouched with its oversized, bony hands clasping its knees while its stony wings are folded behind it. Gift this quirky gargoyle statue to loved ones who enjoy a good laugh or who are fond of fun fantasy collectibles like the Laughing Gargoyle Statue.

    -Hand painted to resemble ancient stone
    -Statue depicts stone gargoyle with mouth open in laughter
    -Displays an incredible level of detail
    -Great fantasy statue collectible or gift
    -Versatile decor piece looks great in many different home styles
    -Made from cold cast resin

    Height: 5.1 Inches
    Length: 4.9 Inches
    Width: 3.75 Inches

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