Citrine Standing Crystal Points ~ For Joy & Happiness

Citrine Standing Crystal Points ~ For Joy &  Happiness

Citrine is a crystal of self-esteem and confidence. A bright and colourful, cheerful crystal, reminds us what is important in life and restores a youthful outlook. Is said to inspire weight loss and the desire to be outdoors. A stone of success and prosperity. This crystal enhances joy and happiness, a feeling of hope and renewal.

These points are each so unique and beautiful, we can't choose a favorite ourselves! They sure have brightened up our stock room. They come in a few different sizes, please choose the size that calls to you. We'll choose a crystal just for you. We believe crystals always end up with who they are meant to be with.

Sizes are approximate, as each point is so unique. Some are taller and thinner, some are shorter and chunky. The price is based on the weight and grade of the crystal. They're all gorgeous!

Approximate sizing:

Small: 2.5 cm - 3 cm tall

Medium: 3.5 cm - 5 cm tall

Large: 6 cm to 7 cm tall

NOTE: This is the heat treated variety of Citrine, which means it started off as Amethyst and was heated to turn the beautiful shade of yellow that it is.

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