Rainbow Moonstone. Raw - Large

Rainbow Moonstone. Raw - Large

Natural raw pieces of Rainbow Moonstone. In it's natural form, this mineral is mostly white with flecks of black running throughout. There are small bursts of shimmer, blue and other colours if you look closely. The polishing process is what brings out the chatoyancy (flash and colour change) or colour flash of this crystal. But in it's raw, natural form, it's equally as beautiful.

Large Size Each raw piece measures approximately 2.5" - 3.5". Some are chunkier, some are longer. All are gorgeous!

Moonstone is also known as a Directional Stone in Native American practice. It is used in ceremony to represent the energy of the Great Spirit and in talismans as a reminder that you are headed in the right direction. Moonstone lights the Way and reminds you that you have the wisdom you need to walk the path you've chosen in this lifetime.

If you love magic, moon phases, mysticism...then this is your gem.  Moonstone brings visions and dreams to life, which is why so many gem collectors and magicians prize it. It draws down the moon and all her mystery so you can harness and use it in your own work.

Intuitive sources say that Moonstone is a stone of emotional harmony and well-being. It has been revered for centuries in India as a stone which can bring harmony and good fortune to marriages and love relationships. Moonstone is said to help one relax and enjoy life, and to help one fully love & appreciate others.  It has strong connections to the Goddess and the moon herself.

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