Gemstone Sand: Citrine

Gemstone Sand: Citrine

Being of unlimited number of uses, our gemstone sands can add a touch of magic to artistic or spiritual projects. Whether you are doing wood work, mandalas, miniature zen gardens or other arts and crafts, gemstone sand is a fun addition. It will add sparkle, color, and beauty to any artistic creation. Combine with other gemstone sands and chip stones for fun and amazing designs.

Citrine inspires joy, happiness, encourages success and prosperity. It's wonderful to help create an uplifting environment and energy in a room. Citrine keeps other gemstones happily charged with positive energy. A good tip would be to use this sand as a base within a special dish or bowl you may have, as a charging station for your tumbled stones and gemstone jewelry.

Note: This is not authentic Citrine, but it was crafted using heated Amethyst, as much of the Citrine is in today's market. We are always transparent about this. Please keep in mind that heat-treated Citrine is just as effective and powerful (at least in our own experience).

180 grams/plastic jar.

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