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Wicca Books

Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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The Circle Within - Sylvan

*A Dragon Moon recommended read for those interested in forming their own take on the Craft.  ..

$14.14 US

The Mirror Of Magic - Kurt Seligmann

A collector's edition of the classic, illustrated, and comprehensive history of magic and the occult..

$50.00 US

To Light A Sacred Flame - S RavenWolf

Originally released in 1999, this bestselling guide to magickal practices-based on the experiences a..

$29.18 US

Traditional Witchcraft for the Woods and Forests - Melusine Draco

No matter where you live, there will always be a wide variety of trees in the immediate vicinity, wh..

$18.31 US

Transformative Witchcraft - Mankey

Beyond the Taboos, the Power of Magick AwaitsThe rites and rituals of Witchcraft are life-changing e..

$23.35 US

Travels to the Otherworld and Other Fantastic Realms - Claude Lecouteux

A collection of tales from the Middle Ages that reveal voyages to Heaven and Hell, the realm of the ..

$31.28 US

True Magic - Judika - Mickaharic Illes

Written by renowned master of witchcraft Draja Mickaharic, author of Spiritual Cleansing, this book ..

$17.47 US

Twelve Nights of Yuletide - Anne Stallkamp

A practical guide to contemplative and spiritual practices for the magical season of Yuletide, Decem..

$15.84 US

Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft - Anjou Kiernan

Whether you are looking to commune with spirits across the veil, need an amulet for protection, wish..

$29.18 US

Uncrossing - Katrina Rasbold

Anyone can be the target of a psychic attack, whether it's an intentional curse or an incidental cro..

$20.84 US

Virago Book Of Witches - Shahrukh Husain

A collection of more than fifty stories about witches from around the world. There are tales of bans..

$22.51 US

Wandlore - Alferian Gwydion MacLir

Learn the secrets of wandmaking and gain a powerful new tool for magical workings of all sorts. This..

$29.18 US

Way of the Witch - Sally Morningstar

Author Sally Morningstar leads readers on enchanted journey of one of the oldest spiritual traditi..

$23.31 US

Weiser Field Guide to Witches (tp) NR - J Illes

Witches peek from greeting cards and advertisements, and they dig twisted roots from the ground. Wit..

$18.31 US

White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change (tp) - J Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus

Explores the powers and wisdom of sacred White Spirit Animals� Looks in-depth at the les..

$18.77 US

Wicca (tp) - Phyllis Curott

America's most renowned Wiccan shares the beliefs and practices of this sacred feminine spirituality..

$18.34 US

Wicca (tp) NR - Vivianne Crowley

A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world. Witchcraft is said to be the oldest r..

$11.67 US

Wicca - Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Go beyond the basics of witchcraft and take your study of wicca to the next level: everything you ne..

$18.34 US

Wicca - Cunningham

Cunningham,s classic introduction to Wicca is about how to live life magically, spiritually, and who..

$18.34 US

Wicca Book of Spells (hc) - Lisa Chamberlain

Bestselling Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain has created the perfect, concise guide for the novice wit..

$16.64 US

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