Viking Gods Tapestry

Viking Gods Tapestry

Embark on a mythical journey with this captivating tapestry! Woven in rich polyester, it features the five Norse gods: the Allfather Odin, the cunning trickster Loki, the goddess of love and war Freya, the mighty Thor wielding his legendary hammer Mjolnir, and the wise Frigg, queen of Asgard. Each deity is meticulously detailed, brought to life against a backdrop of elegant Celtic knots. This unique tapestry is not just wall art, it’s a portal to the enthralling world of Norse mythology.

These five Norse mythology gods embody distinct aspects of existence: Odin, the Allfather, seeks cosmic knowledge Loki, the enigmatic trickster, challenges norms Freya, radiant goddess of love and fertility, balances passion and sensuality Thor, mighty God of Thunder, protector of gods and mortals, wields the formidable Mjolnir and Frigg, weaver of fate, guardian of home and family, shapes destinies with love and maternal care.

39" wide x 59" long

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