White Pumpkin Fairy Statue

-15% White Pumpkin Fairy Statue

One of the more beautiful aspects of autumn is the white pumpkin, known as the Lumina. This special breed of winter squash seems to recall magic more than its classic orange counterpart. That magic is embodied in the White Pumpkin Fairy Statue. Hand-painted and based on the artwork of Amy Brown, this resin figurine depicts a proud pixie kneeling in a patch of the white pumpkins. Smiling smugly, she places her hands on her hips and cocks her head to the side, where her platinum hair cascades over her shoulder. Her two-piece outfit is adorned in pale orange leaves, and her cream-colored wings end in dappled rosy tips. 

Length: 4.75 Inches

Width: 5.25 Inches

Height: 5.86 Inches

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