Wall Calendar 2020 Guardian Angels

-15% Wall Calendar 2020 Guardian Angels
In this chaotic modern world, there is something deeply comforting about the timeless appeal of angels. For millennia, people have drawn strength from these divine companions who watch over us, walk beside us, and stand firmly behind us through challenging times. This calendar offers a breathtaking selection of exquisite portraits of angelic beauty and power in contemporary, folk, classical, and fantasy styles of art. This lovingly curated collection draws from a wealth of exceptional paintings�from the perennial Classical favorites such as Edward Coley Burne-Jones and Annie Louisa Swynnerton to acclaimed contemporary artists Catrin Welz-Stein, Annael (Anelia Pavlova), and others. Each uplifting image is paired with inspirational text to bless, guide, and encourage a connection with one's own higher self. A celestial chorus of angel voices will accompany you through the year.

Publisher: Amber Lotus Publishing

ISBN-10: 9781631365874

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