Vibrational Energy Oracle - DEMO

Vibrational Energy Oracle - DEMO

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck - Reduced from $34.95, to $26.95. This deck was opened once, and does not have it's original box.

There are 52 Vibrational Energy Cards that make up the Vibrational Energy Oracle Divination Pack.

I have been asked, “Why  52 cards?”  The message I got was that these cards and interpretations are needed in order to assist in the amazing shifts that are all around us.  In “their” words, “Fifty Two is symbolically connected to that of the voyager vibration.  At this time we are all traveling to a destination that is yet unknown.  It is the vibration of letting go and going forth regardless of whatever happens, all the time being of open heart and having courage to overcome whatever obstacles are set before us.  It is the trust that resides within, the truth, the knowing” - Debbie A. Anderson

This Divination Set also includes a Guide Book with interpretations and the Five Dimensions of the Vibrational Soul layout instructions by author Debbie A. Anderson.

The artwork and illustrations are done by artist Heather Brewster.

BONUS! Your card deck will include an extra card, autographed by Debbie herself! 

The Vibrational Energy Cards can be read just by shuffling the pack and pulling/drawing a card at random to get direction and answers when needed. 

They can also be used similar to that of a full spread Tarot card reading.

The Five Dimensions of the Vibrational Soul spread layout is read in three parts as follows:
  1.      Firstly, three cards are drawn to represent the Mind, Body & Soul.
  2.      Then five further cards that represent the Vibrational Dimensions of Mankind.
  3.      And finally, three more cards to represent the Past, Present & Future.

The cards are  3" x 5" each in size and they come with a interpretation and layout Guide Book.

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