VibesUp - Angel Jewelry Set For JOY

-65% VibesUp - Angel Jewelry Set For JOY

What does an Angel represent to you?

Maybe a nature elemental, a biblical angel or even your higher self? This set is much more than a symbol of our appreciation for our unseen helpers. They are unique Vibrational Therapy tools coated with VibesUP special formula of liquid crystal and tiny quartz spheres that work like natural batteries. The Coating supplies a slight pressure to these spheres activating their ability to produce Piezo Electricity (over 1 million rays per second of natural, pure, healthy and totally renewable energy).

These Angels can benificially UPlift your body, mood, food and drinks! The crystal coated formula is blended to match the specific theme of your angels.

Joy Angel (Kiwi Jasper)

These jewellery sets will arrive with information card for presentation and a jewellery pouch. 

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