The Magical Blend

The Magical Blend has been purchased by Dragon Moon Gifts ( as of January 2018. While we have been running both sites for a period of time, we have decided that for simplicity, running solely under the Dragon Moon name makes more sense for us. We ask that you purchase all our World Famous Magical Blend / Moonwise Creations Incense and Oils you have grown to love and remember from the Montreal Store at You'll find them in our Scent Section.

Dragon Moon is operated by Peter & Tara and we've been selling online since 2003. We started with a full retail store in BC until we closed our physical location in 2006. We are in Pincher Creek, Alberta - a small town three hours south of Calgary.

The Magical Blend's roots started in the Montreal pagan community, it has undergone many transformations since its opening in 1991. In 2013, It closed its doors to its physical location in Montreal, and ran as an online-only business.

If you've ever created an account at The Magical Blend, your login information is the same at Dragon Moon. If you can't remember your password, simply try a password reset.

If you are an existing Reseller/Wholesaler we invite you to look at the information here to activate your account with us.

Thank you for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to provide you with a great list of products. We have been involved in selling to the metaphysical community since 2003 and hope you'll find the transition an easy one. We look forward to providing you with all your favourites, while expanding on selections of Books, Tarot Decks, Gemstones & more.

We welcome emails if you have any questions.

Peter & Tara