Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit

If you have a pot of petunias or a stone cistern that you would like to give a fantasy twist, look no further than the Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit. This collection of accessories will have you building fairy gardens in no time. This kit comes with hand-painted resin figurines on little stakes so that they can be pressed into foam or soil. It includes a stone-framed door with a butterfly lentil, a tiny arched bridge, a stool, a wishing well, and a fat yellow mushroom. Of course, no fairy garden would be complete without fairies, and so this kit includes one yellow-winged sprite in a green and yellow dress, plus a gnome and a tiny duck to keep her company. The Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit is the perfect gift for someone looking to bring a little enchantment into their yard.

-Includes statues of a door, a well, a footbridge, a stool, a mushroom, a fairy, a gnome, and a duck.
-Beautifully hand-painted in vivid color
-Figures feature stakes for easy installation
-Makes a perfect start to a fairy garden

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