Stone Dragon Sand Timer

Stone Dragon Sand Timer

This sand timer sits on a round base decorated with several small circles and triangular patterns. Atop this base sits a pair of dragons who face away from one another. The dragons wings are curled close to their bodies and act as the frame for the sand timer. Each dragon holds a ball in their claws, which acts as the dragons focus. The same pair of dragons and base is mirrored at the other end, creating the full frame of the sand timer. Between the dragons rests the hourglass, which is filled with colored sand. This simple yet intriguing sand timer is made from cold cast resin, which has been hand painted to give the sand timer a carved stone look.  Please be aware that this sand-timer is not meant for exact timing. It measures around 5-8 minutes, but the exact time measured can vary.

H: 6". Hand painted resin.  Approximate 5 minutes.

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