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Adult White/Pink Winged Unicorn Kigurumi Costume Pajamas -30%

Adult White/Pink Winged Unicorn Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn.  Then always be a Unicorn.The Kigurumi craze s..

$28.87 US $20.21 US

Amber Butterfly Ring -40%

Amber Butterfly Ring

This beautiful unique setting features a butterfly with wings of genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 st..

$42.11 US $25.26 US

Amber Crescent Moon Pendant -40%

Amber Crescent Moon Pendant

This whimsical crescent moon pendant is cast in sterling silver and features three genuine Baltic Am..

$42.86 US $25.72 US

Amber Dragonfly Earrings -40%

Amber Dragonfly Earrings

Sterling silver dragonfly earrings with genuine Baltic Amber.  Approximately 1 1/2" long. ..

$58.50 US $35.10 US

Amber Heart Pendant -40%

Amber Heart Pendant

A beautiful free-form Baltic amber heart pendant, sterling silver bale. These heart p..

$50.69 US $30.42 US

Amber Pegasus Pendant -40%

Amber Pegasus Pendant

A beautiful mystical Pegasus and genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 sterling silver.  Approximate..

$24.94 US $14.96 US

Amethyst Crystal Ball Earrings -20%

Amethyst Crystal Ball Earrings

Genuine Amethyst crystal balls set in sterling silver. The photo doesn't do these justice!Amethyst i..

$29.62 US $23.70 US

Amethyst Triquetra Pendant, Sterling -15%

Amethyst Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

A stunning Celtic Triquetra knot pendant in sterling silver with genuine Amethyst crystal. 3/4". J..

$29.62 US $25.18 US

Angelite & Moonstone Master Healer Pendulum -15%

Angelite & Moonstone Master Healer Pendulum

An ethereal combination of gemstones.  Angelite forms the main portion of this pendulum set in ..

$42.89 US $36.45 US

Baltic Amber Necklace -40%

Baltic Amber Necklace

Amber is warming, calming, and grounding.  It is ancient tree sap which helps us connect&n..

$15.57 US $9.34 US

Blue Alchemy Ink -30%

Blue Alchemy Ink

A 1 oz bottle of magical ink purpose blended for use in all of your transformative work, spells and ..

$10.89 US $7.62 US

Carnelian Pentacle, Sterling -20%

Carnelian Pentacle, Sterling

A beautiful, classic design.  Sterling silver with a genuine Carnelian in the center.  1" ..

$27.28 US $21.82 US

Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling -40%

Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful tree with many leaves that outstretch and reveal a shining sun and moon within it's bran..

$17.91 US $10.75 US

Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring -40%

Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring

The Celtic Claddagh has long been a symbol of love in Ireland.  Here we see the traditional han..

$32.74 US $19.64 US

Celtic Cross Amulet -40%

Celtic Cross Amulet

Derived from a unification of Christian and Pagan symbolism, this cross is worn for Good Health, Cou..

$21.81 US $13.09 US

Celtic Garnet Ring -40%

Celtic Garnet Ring

8.5mm wide with a 6mm x 4mm faceted Garnet.  Garnets have been used since..

$24.94 US $14.96 US

Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant -40%

Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant

The Tree Of Life represents the interconnectedness of all things; people, animals, plants, the eleme..

$14.01 US $8.41 US

Celtic Tree Ring -40%

Celtic Tree Ring

This tree lives in the center of Annwn and is the first Tree of Creation. The ancient Bards called i..

$42.89 US $25.73 US

Celtic Trinity Ring - Labradorite -15%

Celtic Trinity Ring - Labradorite

A beautiful shimmering Labradorite set in sterling silver with Celtic trinity knotwork design. ..

$50.69 US $43.09 US

Celtic Triquetra Amulet -40%

Celtic Triquetra Amulet

Using the Celtic Triquetra as a sign of eternity, this amulet helps to instill patience and pers..

$9.33 US $5.60 US

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