Smudge Bundle: Blue Sage & Jasmine

Smudge Bundle: Blue Sage & Jasmine

This hand-bundled smudge stick is crafted of blue sage and has been enhanced with Jasmine for protection and purity.  Burn for clearing negative energies and spaces.  This bundle measures approximately 7" and can be used multiple times.

--Jasmine lends a floral scent to the sage, creating a light and joyful atmosphere.

--Blue Sage (artemesia tridentata) is used for cleansing of negativity or exorcism. Light smudge stick or loose leaves, wait a moment then blow out flames. Fan embers lightly to keep smoldering (may need to be re-lit). Use the smoke to "wash" persons, property, or spaces. Use a shell or pottery to catch ashes.

--Sage bundles are hand picked and bundled respectfully, with no chemicals or synthetics of any kind used.

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