Shungite Cube ~ Protection, Purification

Shungite Cube ~ Protection, Purification

These Shungite cubes will really add uniqueness and depth to your crystal collections.  They each measure approximately 35mm (1.37"). Shungite is an amazing stone that offers protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation produced by modern technology.  They come to us from Russia.  Sold in singles.

It said that if you seek shungite, or are gifted a piece, that you will know exactly how you are meant to use it. Shungite has a long metaphysical and geological history. Did you know in Roman times it was actually used to purify water? Yes, this stone not only purifies energies and literally removes anything dark, negative, or evil in its path, it can remove toxins and impurities from water!  Use shungite in rooms where anyone is having nightmares or scary dreams, or in spaces where the energy feels heavy. Also if you are a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, shaman, healer, or priestess, this is a critical stone to keep in your sacred space. Negative vibrations cannot sustain themselves in the presence of Shungite.

We will select a beautiful Shungite cube for you.  We only ship the best - shop with confidence!

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