Seeds of Intention Mini Card Deck - Adrienne Enns

Seeds of Intention Mini Card Deck - Adrienne Enns
The Seeds of Intention cards are a boxed deck of 42 mini cards that are designed to inspire daily intention setting and mindful living. May the seeds you plant today take root and blossom.

Purpose of this deck: This deck helps people choose a specific intention for the day. Choosing and aligning with an intention allow us to show up in our lives and be more mindful and conscious. It also helps people get out of their ruts, off autopilot and start really living.

How people use this deck: People choose an intention for the day or week. They align with the intention noticing when it shows up and using it to influence their actions, words, thoughts and deeds. The cards are beautiful and simple visual reminder of their intention.

Publisher: May You Know Joy

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