Powder Incense: Frankincense

Powder Incense: Frankincense

Frankincense incense powder is traditionally used for purifying a space or object. As the resin is non-combustible, it will require a heat source such as a charcoal tablet to release it fragrance.

Frankincense is a time-honored and traditional incense that can be burned year-round. It is often associated with Myrrh, and combined - they make a wonderful blend. Used on it's own, it is a sacred offering to the divine. It was gifted by the three wise men (with Myrrh) to the baby Jesus, for example. It is considered to be a sacred tree, and the resin of the tree is considered by many healers as divine gold. When burned, it has a very cleansing and purifying scent, leaving the atmosphere more peaceful.

20 gram jar. Charcoal tablets sold separately.

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