Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Products to help celebrate and honor the day of love and friendship.

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Red Rose Buds & Petals -20%

Red Rose Buds & Petals, 1 oz

Used by man throughout history, Red Rose Buds have seen numerous mentions in the texts of the ancien..

$3.41 US $2.72 US

Rhodonite, Tumbled

Rhodonite is a stone for activating love energies in oneself and others. It is said to clear and act..

$2.65 US

Ritual Set - Love

Create a ritual to attract love and friendship, or to increase the love that you have.Contains:1 Lov..

$22.67 US

Rose Quartz Pendant, Polished Point

These pendants are stunning!  Hand-polished gemstone points form a "diamond" shaped tip...

$9.04 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Red Stilettos

A jasmine and orange blossom in a strawberry red 2" x 4" -  40 hour candle."Candy is dandy. But..

$15.52 US

Affirmation Candle: Love

A Blush colored candle with a Musky Woods scent. Love comes from an unending source, so there is ple..

$15.52 US

Angel Aura Amethyst Moon

Beautiful shimmering crescent moons crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond ..

$19.64 US

Angel Aura Amethyst Moon Necklace

Beautiful shimmering crescent moon crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond c..

$20.40 US

Attraction & Love Votive Candle

A hot red candle with a romantic lavender spice blend.  These high quality votives burn for 10 ..

$3.41 US

Bath Salts For Love

Charged with energy, our Love bath salts are a blend of especially chosen salts and herbs infused ..

$2.84 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Herbal Heart

Ylang Ylang and Fresh Lavender Blend.Open your heart to the wonder, beauty and magic that surrounds ..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Candle: Attraction

Red Romantic Lavender Spice BlendThe Attraction candle opens your heart, mind and spirit to the ulti..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Oil: Attraction

Mesmerizing Patchouli and Lavender blend.Use the power of attraction to bring what you need and want..

$9.04 US

Crystal Healing Grid Set - Love

The love themed crystal grid kit features a flower of life design on a linen mat and a combination o..

$21.91 US

Dragon's Heart Photo Frame - Alchemy Gothic

Born of brimstone and fire when the world was but a dream of the old gods.  Destiny has compell..

$27.21 US

Dragons Are Romantic - by Amy Brown

Awww - what a lovely pair! Based upon the artwork of Amy Brown, this figurine features a fairy and h..

$87.76 US

Gem Bracelet: Love

This beautiful inspired elastic gemstone bracelet is made with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Hemimorphi..

$11.31 US

Goldstone Mini Puffy Heart

Beautiful mini gem hearts. Goldstone promotes positive energy, courage and a better attitude. Increa..

$6.05 US

Greeting Card: Love Is A Bond -20%

Greeting Card: Love Is A Bond

A beautiful greeting card with matching envelope. 5" x 7". "Love is a bond that knows no boundaries,..

$3.41 US $2.72 US

Hoodoo Candle: Adam & Eve

A lush burgundy candle, with an earthy floral scent. 2 x 4 pillar burns for 40 hours.Whether you are..

$15.52 US