Heart Tones - Believe Spray, 15ml

Heart Tones  - Believe Spray, 15ml
Heart Tones are created with Alchemy crystal bowls, Jewelled water, Fairy Essences from Ireland and Flower Essences from England and Canada. The purpose of Heart Tones Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies is to open the heart to let the light shine up to the pineal gland to help shift consciousness.

Believe is a listening remedy. It helps the soul become more aware of subtle influences and guidance from higher realms. It opens and sensitizes us to dreaming, prayer and meditation.
Believe helps rouse the inner fire of the heart, insisting we take hold of our responsibilities and step into our life path. It helps us experience joy and lightness and stimulates the love forces of the heart, helping the soul find optimism and enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

It is through the heart that one's essence radiates out. Believe helps us feel centered within, while generating expanded consciousness so we are centered in the universe as well. Feeling centered helps with feeling confident and in control, allowing the true self to shine through.

Believe deepens our ability to care and give ourselves to life, to others and the earth, characterizing a truly loving soul.

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