Aventurine Turtle

Aventurine Turtle

Cute little turtles to add to your crystal collection. Carved of green Aventurine and measuring approximately 1.5". So sweet! They make great gifts! They are each hand carved and polished, no two are exactly the same. Please allow for slight variations.

The Turtle totem teaches us to be determined and remain strong despite obstacles. Everyone knows La Fontaine's fable of the Hare and the Tortoise. It's a fine example of the Tortoise's perseverance: in this story, we find his great wisdom, but also his strength, courage and determination.

Aventurine is your spring gem for growth and expansion.  Add one to your garden areas and potted plants to increase the growth of your plants and flowers.  Carry Aventurine with you to tend your inner garden and increase the growth and fertility of your dreams and visions.  Aventurine is also a Heart Chakra stone so it will help expand and open your heart to receive and give love.

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