Ostara Mini Crystal Basket

Ostara Mini Crystal Basket

These cute little baskets have been filled with crystal treasures to help make your Ostara and Easter celebrations a bit more magickal. Each basket contains various colours of crackle quartz, a gemstone mushroom, moon, star and two types of adorable mini gemstone eggs. Each basket will be filled with unique crystals and wrapped with Ostara themed cello and ribbons. This would make a great gift on it's own, or a fun addition to an Ostara/Easter basket.

Each basket will contain a few pieces of peanut free Ostara/Easter treats as well.

Please note: These are not intended for children who are at an age where they are still putting non-food items in their mouths. We suggest keeping small gemstones and crystals away from children under 5 years old, as well as out of the reach of family pets.

Baskets measure 5cm x 6 cm x 6 cm. They're small, but so cute!

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