Opalite Runes - Set

Opalite Runes - Set

Discover what divinatory messages are waiting to be revealed with these beautifully crafted OPALITE runes. Runes help you find the answers to your most pressing questions and unlock the secrets of your life. Using the exquisite OPALITE runes, convenient carrying bag, and instruction booklet included with this set, you'll be inspired to move confidently toward your goals.

NOTE: Llewellyn is marketing this set as Moonstone.  They are not moonstone, they are indeed Opalite.  Opalite is a manmade stone that has a beautiful moonstone-like glow.  They are absolutely beautiful!  We wanted to make it clear that these Runes are not genuine Moonstone.  Opalite is often called Moonstone in today's new age retail market, which drives us crazy at Dragon Moon! haha

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