Citrine Cluster, Assorted

Citrine Cluster, Assorted

These mesmerizing Citrine clusters are each so unique. They range in colour from dark yellow, medium, to very pale. We'll select one for you, just choose the size and price. Each cluster is beautiful.

Citrine is a stone of self-esteem and confidence. A bright and colourful, cheerful stone, reminds us what is important in life and restores a youthful outlook. Is said to inspire weight loss and the desire to be outdoors. A stone of success and prosperity.

NOTE: This type of Citrine is actually heated Amethyst. By heating the Amethyst, the crystal turns various shades of yellow. This is a more affordable and attainable Citrine for all. Many people consider this a "fake" mineral. At Dragon Moon, we celebrate this mineral! It's colourful, cheerful, bright, happy and promotes a positive outlook on life. Colour therapy is a powerful thing, too. Yellow resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, the very center of our creative and expressive selves.

Tiny: approximately 2cm

Small: approximately 4cm

Medium: approximately 5cm

Medium Pale colour (back/top row): approximately 4cm - 5cm

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