Turquoise, Stabilized, Tumbled

Turquoise, Stabilized, Tumbled

Stabilized Turquoise is a soft Turquoise that has undergone a stabilization process to enhance its hardness and colour, making it suitable for use in jewellery making and other uses.

As a healing stone, it is thought to enhance communication and creative expression. It resonates with the throat chakra. Turquoise enhances peace of mind, emotional balance and is believed to be a protection to the traveller.
The color of this beautiful stone promotes compassion and expression.

These are specimen pieces, and are hard to find in this quality. These are the same size as many of our other tumbled stones, but the price is higher because Turquoise is more expensive than many types of tumbled gems. These pieces are specimen quality, and the price is current market value.

Approximately 20 mm - 25 mm. Each piece will vary slightly in depth of colour and pattern within the stone.

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