Secrets of the Universe: Aura Harmonizing Mist - 15 ml

Secrets of the Universe: Aura Harmonizing Mist - 15 ml

Secrets of the Universe is representative of the number seven which symbolizes releasing, letting go of the limiting beliefs that have been passed on to us from the patriarchal tradition, readying us for the union of mysticism and science. It clears the path to enlightenment by simultaneously opening us to our divine and human natures. It promotes the total integration between heart and spirit producing complete alignment of the physical body with the perfect self. It is infused with the penultimate chord CEGB#, played just before the grand finish of a composition...that moment that makes you want to initiate celebration.

Each of the 7 chosen stones resonate to the number seven and heart energy and represents the seven structures of the universe into which all of nature's jewels belong; seven steps complete a whole. This remedy clears you of your old ways of doing things and supports you in creating a sustainable way of being with a sense of knowing who you are, why you are here, and connecting with others in a nourishing, beneficially healthy relationship. The mandala intertwines 7's and 9's with the healing vibration of the sanjeevani healing prayers for complete wellness.

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