Chakra Rose Petal Sage Bundle - Canadian Grown

Chakra Rose Petal Sage Bundle - Canadian Grown

Chakra Rose Petal Sage bundles, grown and hand wrapped in Canada. Beautifully done. They smell amazing!

Roses represent the highest vibrating form of energy - LOVE. ????????????????????❤️

White Sage: For inviting good energy, Protection, Space Clearing, Wisdom. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) White Sage, in particular, is becoming harder to find in the wild all around the world, and we recognize this. That is why we have chosen to support a small family farm, where they are growing their own small crop of White Sage plants, in a very responsible, sustainable way.

For thousands of years, herbs, woods and grasses have been harvested, bundled, dried and burned for smoke cleansing purposes by people of all cultures around the world. This is done to cleanse and purify, and is an ancient practice shared by many cultures. We respect all spiritual paths here at Dragon Moon.

Keep this as a lovely talisman for your altar and sacred space, or go ahead and light it for burning. Always use a heat-safe dish. Allow the beautiful aroma of Roses and Sage to fill your space with pure LOVE energy.

Also makes a lovely asperging herb wand (to sprinkle water for purification purposes). Some people find these just too lovely to burn.

Each bundle measures approximately 8" long and can be used many times.

All herbals, oils, incense and other such items are sold as curios only.

A note on items that are sacred to First Nations Indigenous Peoples

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