Earth Mother Dreaming - A Course In Earth Medicine - Scott Alexander King

Earth Mother Dreaming - A Course In Earth Medicine - Scott Alexander King
There comes a time in everyone's life when we when we realise that, at some point on our life journey, we seem to have 'wandered off the path'. This updated version of EARTH MOTHER DREAMING recounts Scott Alexander King's journey from the world of detachment to the world of truth, purity and enlightenment.

EARTH MOTHER DREAMING is an encyclopaedia of all things metaphysical that includes simple yet practical and effective activities, rituals and ceremonies that will see you slowly emerge back into a place of personal power and passion.Now expanded to include an introduction to the Tarot, this new edition of Earth Mother Dreaming continues to offer opportunities to:-Cleanse and empower your Aura and Chakras-Prayers of Smoke-The power of the Four Directions-Smudging-Vision Quest and the Medicine Walk. -Learn how to make a Medicine Pouch, Medicine Shield, Dream Catcher and Drum. -Learn too, how to give thanks, surrender to spirit and how to access your Totems and Spirits Helpers. -Explore the realm of Faerie. -Journey through the Wheel of Life and realise your personal Gifts of Power by participating in sacred dance, breath, song and divination while learning how to follow the omens, signs and portents of Nature.

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