Now, more than ever, the Earth needs our love and care. This Earth Day, let us celebrate the wonderful gift we've been given by Creator, by setting up altars in dedication to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Whatever your religion or spiritual beliefs, it is time for us all to come together and merge our energies towards healing this beautiful planet and ALL her inhabitants. Here you will find items inspired by the Earth, but you'll find items everywhere throughout our store, as many of our items ARE of the Earth (ie: all of our stones and crystals).  We would also like to take this time to remind our customers that we only purchase crystals and gems from suppliers who trade ethically with miners in other countries who LOVE and CHERISH the Earth.  

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Ancient Animal Wisdom: Deck & Book Set - Stacy James

Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle set brings the energy and insight of 38 different African animal spirit..

$23.53 US

Ancient Magick of Trees - Brewer

Part field guide and part magical resource, this unique book helps you not only identify more than o..

$26.61 US

Ancient Trees - Anna Lewington

Celebrate some of the most beautiful, longest-living organisms on the planet: trees that have surviv..

$25.05 US

Animal Messages Oracle Deck Set

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing butterflies or dream about deer? "Animal Messages" is a ..

$18.21 US

Animal Speak Pocket Guide - Andrews

The Animal-speak Pocket Guide is a companion to the best selling Animal-speak and Animal-wise. It co..

$7.41 US

Animal Wise 10th Anniversery Ed. - T Andrews

In this 10 year anniversary edition of Ted Andrews' best selling and award winning book on animals, ..

$22.77 US

Bottom Of The Garden Fairy Statue

Based on the art piece by Amy Brown of the same name, The Bottom Of The Garden fairy is a sweet lit..

$31.90 US

Celebrate the Earth - Laurie Cabot

Published to coincide with the Pagan holiday Samhain on October 31st, this new title by a renowned a..

$17.49 US

Celtic Myth & Symbol Coloring Book

Experience a personal connection with ancient Celtic mythology and symbolism as you weave color thro..

$12.92 US

Celtic Totem Animal NR - John Matthews

Here is a fascinating collection of traditional Celtic stories to amaze and entertain you. Animal tr..

$19.73 US

Celtic Tree Oracle - Sharlyn Hidalgo

Tune in to the trees and access their age-old loving guidance. Based on ancient Celtic wisdom, this ..

$19.39 US

Celtic Tree Oracle NR - L Murray

An ancient alphabet with a modern message.Within this unique kit lies the secret language of the Cel..

$24.29 US

Druid Plant Oracle, The NR - Philip Carr-Gomm

Bring ancient Druid plant and herb lore into your life.The Druids revered certain plants - trees, he..

$29.62 US

Earth Stone Keychains

Beautiful polished and smoothed stones with silvertone keychain.  Various stone types, please s..

$6.81 US

Earth Warriors Oracle - Alana & Bryna Fairchild

A new world is being born. It is founded upon love and higher consciousness, instead of fear, hate, ..

$25.05 US

Family of Earth - S Schimmel

Lions live in a world of grassy plains. To dolphins, the world is water. Lush green trees make up..

$14.41 US

Gaia Oracle Deck - Toni Salerno

Guidance, Affirmations, Transformations Set features 45 glossy oracle cards and guidebook. FAR..

$25.05 US

Green Oracle - Barbara Moore

A unique deck designed to help you recover spiritual connection and harmony with all life; connectio..

$17.45 US

Greeting Card: Enchanted Tree - Ivy Pentacle

Enchanted Tree Cards by Peter Pracownik.  A UK exclusive...

$3.23 US

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards - Colette Baron-Reid

Legends say that before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols. Th..

$41.05 US

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