Beltane (May Day) Magickal Oil

-20% Beltane (May Day) Magickal Oil

This beautiful altar oil was crafted to help celebrate Beltane (May Day).  It's a wonderful oil to use for self-anointing, candles, and aroma warmers for a beautiful sweet, floral fragrance in your home.  Scent is such a powerful way of welcoming in new, fresh positive energies.   A few drops of this oil in your floor wash water would be wonderful too.  This oil was lovingly crafted in Canada by skilled artisans.  Your oil will come in a brown glass bottle (5ml)

Beltane (MAY DAY) APRIL 30th - MAY 1

The third of the two Celtic fire festivals, Beltane is a celebration of the return of life and fertility to the world, and was celebrated on or around April 30, although in these later years has become more commonly celebrated on May 1 ("May Day").  Beltane is sometimes referred to as Cetsamhain which means "opposite Samhain." Beltane was the last of the three spring fertility festivals, and the second major Celtic festival. Beltane, and its counterpart Samhain, divide the year into its two primary seasons, Winter and Summer.

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