Moonology Diary 2021 NR

Moonology Diary 2021 NR
Moonology Diary is every astrology fan's must-have tool to harness the Moon's power in their day-to-day life and attract positive changes in the year 2021.

Living in accordance with the moon, sun, and stars is one of the fastest ways to happiness and success--so don't be without your essential Moonology Diary in the year 2021!

In this two-color, illustrated diary, award-winning astrologer Yasmin Boland gives detailed instructions on how to work with each lunation and use the Moon to manifest your dreams, achieve your goals, attune to a higher energy, and step into the flow of life. 2021 is the year of the Great Conjunction, an astrological event the likes of which have not been seen on Earth for seven hundred years--in other words, the perfect time to create some real magic in your life!

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN-10: 9781788173643

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