Samhain & Halloween

Samhain & Halloween


Known to most as "Halloween: Samhain is the time that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest. In ancient times it was believed that this is the time that our ancestors would return to visit us, to give help and advice. People set out lights in hollowed-out turnips to guide the spirits of the dead (the fore-runners of the modern Jack-o-lanterns) and put out food as an offering (which evolved to the modern tradition of "trick-or-treating").

Samhain is also our New Year's Day. It may seem strange to have a new year begin in the Fall, when the days are growing shorter and colder. But death and birth are two sides of the same coin. It is the time of death and the time of new beginnings, when we think about hope and change and what the next year will bring.

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Handmade Incense - Select Your Scent

Handmade, clean burning incense sticks. Sold in packs of 20.Select your scent from the menu. At this..

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A Brush With Magic Statue ~ by Lisa Parker

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Black Cat Pillar Candle

A deep black candle with a bright spicy scent. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours. In Hoo Doo the Bla..

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Black Cat Satin Tarot Bag

A beautiful satin bag to store your Tarot card deck or other treasures.Dimensions: 20.3 x 19 x 1 cm...

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Black Cats Tarot Deck - Lo Scarabeo

This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly in..

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Black Metal Cauldron

3 3/4" tall x 4.5" diameter.  A metal cauldron for your witchy needs.  Comes with some san..

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Black Pentacle Oil Warmer

A black soapstone oil warmer with small removable bowl at the top where you place your water and oil..

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Blessed Herbal Oil: Ancestors

Feel close to your ancestors and honor them with this beautiful Blessed Herbal oil.  Wonderful ..

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Carnelian, Tumbled

Carnelian has a strong connection with the Earth which makes it a good gem to help keep you centered..

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Cast Iron Cauldron

A cute little cast iron cauldron at 2.5" in diameter.  It stands on the traditional 3 legs and ..

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Cast Iron Cauldron, Large

A traditional style cauldron that is sure to add a bit of magick to your altar and sacred space deco..

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Cast Iron Cauldron, Moon Goddess

A beautiful traditional style cast iron cauldron with raised Moon Goddess symbol.  Stands on 3 ..

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Cast Iron Cauldron, Pentacle

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Cast Iron Cauldron, Pentacle, Lg

This cast iron cauldron is embossed with a pentacle, has three legs (traditional style), lid and ha..

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Cedar Incense Sticks, 20 gr

Cedar is an Old World scent, often burned during purification and cleansing.  It is a protectiv..

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Communing with the Ancestors - Raven Grimmasi

This book demonstrates how to communicate and make contact with ancestral spirits, including practic..

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Crystal Journey Candle: Joy

When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow us to enlighten the journey. Each of our..

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Crystal Journey Candle: Spirit

Magic Happens with Reiki Charged Herbal Pillar Candles. Each of our Herbal Magic Pillars have been d..

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Crystal Journey Candle: Wisdom

Magic Happens with Reiki Charged Herbal Pillar Candles. Each of our Herbal Magic Pillars have been ..

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Evil Eye Pillar Candle

A brilliant blue candle with a juniper and rose scent. 2.5" x 6.5" pillar burns for 80 hours. A pene..

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