Sweetgrass & Rue Smudge Stick - Canadian Grown

Sweetgrass & Rue Smudge Stick - Canadian Grown

Fresh from Woodstock Ontario, these beautiful sweetgrass & rue smudge sticks smell divine! This is a unique offering, as sweetgrass isn't often found bundled in stick form.  The sweetgrass and rue were lovingly grown and hand-bundled by people who truly care about the earth and helping others.  Approximately 7.5" - 8".

Sweetgrass: Inviting good energy, Protection, Space Clearing, Blessings, Setting intentions.

Rue is wonderful for cleansing sacred space, protection and prosperity. Combined with Sweetgrass for energy clearing, healing and blessing.

Just light one end of the stick and hold over a heat-safe dish while the smoke travels through the room, cleansing and purifying the space. This stick can be burned several times.

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