Nitiraj - The Original Natural Masala Incense!

Nitiraj - The Original Natural Masala Incense!

The most beloved incense, loved by Meditation, Yoga and Feng Shui instructions since 1978. It smells very similar to the other popular incense, Nag Champa, but is a bit sweeter and stronger. It leaves a light, clean, refreshing scent that lingers lightly after it's burned. It helps create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

-Hand crafted in India by traditional incense makers

-Nitiraj natural ingredients incense sticks, the original recipe!

-A natural honey based incense

-Slow burning, up to 1 hour per stick (approximately)

-12 grams (12 sticks) per box.

-Ideally suited for meditation, relaxation, massage therapy, yoga, and space clearing in feng shui.

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