Mystical Incense Gift Pack - Anne Stokes

Mystical Incense Gift Pack - Anne Stokes

A gift pack from the Mystical incense range. It includes one hexagonal pack of each Mystical incense, six in total. It includes:.
- Dragon Beauty - In the dark caverns where dragons live, the soothing honey sweet fragrance of Amber permeates all.

- Angel Rose - The aromatic and unmistakable heavenly perfume of Red Rose fills the air whenever she is near.

- Immortal Flight - The floral perfume of Violet has the magic to reach deep within you. soothing mind, body & soul.

- Protector - Along verdant paths trod by wolves, the Chamomile springs, filling the valley with an aroma to clear the mind.

- Aracnafaria - The enigmatic scent of Night Queen is mesmerizing yet stimulating and will always remind me of being in her presence.

- Gothic Prayer - In hallowed halls where supplications are given lingers the sensual aroma that brings an inner peace.

6 Tubes x 20 incense sticks per pack.
Packaging features artwork by Anne Stokes.

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