Archangel Incense - Gabriel

Archangel Incense - Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the angelic messenger. He serves on the white ray of purity and harmony. Ask him to help you improve your communication skills on all levels in your life. This includes at work or during your dreams. He encourages us to pay a closer attention to people and places, and having more gratitude for our lives.

Heaven is very organized, all celestial beings have specific work to do. each one of these magnificent beings work for the many rays of God that exist. Each archangel has a specialty and is dedicated to it. We can request help for those specific needs. Any of the 7 Archangels can guide the human being in the spiritual processes of each person.

These lovely scented incense sticks have been crafted by Goloka with much love and positive energy, in Bangalore, India. All the manufacturing profits from these incenses are used for 100% charitable activities. Each box contains 15 grams (approximately 15 sticks).

The scent is herbal, sweet and refreshing.

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