Moonwise Oils

Moonwise Oils

As of May 1st 2019, we will no longer be producing many of The Magical Blend & Moon Wise Creations products, including incense, oils and perfumes. This is due to health issues and allergies in our family.  We currently do have some ready-to ship Moon Wise products left, so grab them while you can. We are clearing our entire perfume oil collection at a great price, well below cost. 

We will be relaunching the Moon Wise Creations brand later this year, with all new products. We're excited to take this brand in a whole other direction, and we thank you for having patience during this transition.

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Moonwise Oils - Clearance!

These oils are premium quality, cosmetic perfume grade.  The fragrances in these oils are a com..

$2.73 US

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