Harmonia Gem Spray: Amethyst & Lavender - Healing

Harmonia Gem Spray: Amethyst & Lavender - Healing

A beautiful cleansing room spray combining natural oils and spring water with the healing properties of Amethyst. Each spray bottle contains 1 or more Amethyst crystals, which have infused the solution over time. A fresh, light herbal scent of Lavender.

150 ml spray bottle.

Amethyst is a gem of mysticism, magick, meditation, prophetic dreaming, divination, peace and relaxation. Lavender promotes peace of mind, calmness, relaxation and restful sleep. Combined, this is a wonderful room cleansing spray for those times when your home and sacred space just needs to chill out! Perfect for cleansing a space after a negative experience or conversation, and is a wonderful spray for linens before sleep.

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