Blessings Feather

Blessings Feather

These beautiful feathers make lovely decor and altar pieces, and can be used in various spiritual practices. Since antiquity feathers from various birds have been used for decorative purposes, rituals and ceremonies. 

Feathers are commonly used to waft smoke during smoke cleansing rituals. This naturally shed brown turkey feather is accented with a screen-print of the word "Blessings". These feathers measure approximately 10" - 11" long, and will vary slightly.

"Smudging" is the common name given to a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition; however, the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions. It is a ceremonial way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences. It is also an effective method for energizing or blessing a person, place or object. Feathered fans are often used to help direct the smoke. 

Please note: We do not claim any of our feather fans are authentic Indigenous crafts, unless otherwise noted in the description. Should someone wish to barter with us so we can obtain authentically made smoke fans, we'd love to hear from you. If you're seeking authentically made First Nations crafts, please contact your local First Nations community center, and they can point you in the right direction. 

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