Scents Clearance

Scents Clearance

Here you will find some great deals on personal and home fragrance, incense, oils, bath items, and other accessories.  

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VibesUp - Roll On Oil: Lotus, for Happiness

Lotus Roll On - 4.5ml Be in the FLOW...Let it ROLL! Tiny specially coated garnet gemstones in ..


Aroma Veil Perfume: Spring Party

This perfume has a fresh, exciting, energizing aroma with a hint of romance. Spring Party is a blen..


Lemon Incense Sticks, 20 gr

Who doesn't love the fresh, clean, uplifting scent of lemons?  These incense sticks capture t..


Lemon Incense Sticks, 8 gr

Who doesn't love the fresh, clean, uplifting scent of lemons?  These incense sticks capture tha..


Nag Champa Dhoop Incense

This is for all of you Nag Champa lovers out there!  Sai Baba Nag Champa Dhoop is the same wo..


Seven Day Incense Sticks, 20 gr

Each box of seven day incense contains 7 fragrances, 5 sticks of each  Each fragrance has been ..


Shoyeido Incense - Hope

Shoyeido Magnifiscents - The Angelic SeriesHope - sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla, ginger and spic..


Shoyeido Incense - Ruby

Shoyeido Magnificents - The Jewel SeriesBlenders at Shoyeido created the Jewel Series to evoke ..


Triloka Incense Sticks - Aphrodisia

Sensual and Inspiring.Delicate Jasmine scent with a hint of vanilla.  Creates a loving and rela..


Vanilla Orange Incense, 8 gr

Much like a creamsicle, this incense is a blend of sweet warm vanilla and bright tangy orange. ..


VibesUp - Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist bottle with built in self recharging gemstone "coaster"size: NOW 15mlESSENTIAL OILS ar..


VibesUp - Lavender Oil

Lavender is so calming, relaxing and meditative.  We're so glad to offer high grade PURE L..


VibesUp - Peppermint Oil

VibesUp Peppermint Oil - REFRESHING - UPLIFTINGClarity in a Bottle. An oil for clarity, health and s..


Zodiac Incense Sticks, 20 gr

Incense crafted especially for your zodiac.  Each 20 gram box of incense contains 20 long burni..


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