Cedar Bundle - Canadian Grown

Cedar Smudge Stick - Canadian Grown

Cedar has amazing protective qualities, and is often used to cleanse a home of unwanted energies. It has healing and spiritual properties, and is often used in ancestral communication. This type of Cedar is actually Cypress *See below. Cypress is used for healing and protection. Cypress talismans can be used for legal matters, prosperity, wealth, and luck. It is very cleansing and purifying.

These cleansing herbal bundles measure approximately 6". They are each hand wrapped in Canada.

Most of our bundled herbs are grown by a family on their small farm. They are spiritual people who grow these items with positive intention and respect for Mother Earth. They are growing these herbs in a sustainable, organic, pesticide-free way. Herbal bundles are used for a variety of spiritual purposes by people of all beliefs and cultures. For thousands of years, herbs and woods have been collected and burned by people around the world, to cleanse and purify in smoke cleansing rituals. We support all faiths and beliefs at Dragon Moon. 

 *More info about this type of Cedar: The Eastern White Cedar is a tree native to much of central and eastern North America although it has been much more broadly introduced, often under the name “arborvitae” (the Tree of Life). It is most often found around the great lakes region in the US and Canada, although patches of it can be found in other parts of North America. The tree goes by quite a few names, including the yellow cedar, white cedar, swamp cedar. However, despite “cedar” in the name, this particular tree is not a true cedar. It is a Cypress. (Cupressaceae). This tree is from the conifer family, which include cedars, cypresses, firs, junipers, kauris, larches, pines, redwoods, spruces, and yews. Again, please keep in mind that the cedar (cypress) we're offering here, was grown on a privately owned organic farm, and was grown in an ethical and sustainable way.

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A note on items that are sacred to First Nations Indigenous Peoples

All herbals, oils, incense and other such items are sold as curios only. 

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